2015 International International


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I Won't Send Roses92.0092.4091.4091.93
Start Of Something Big90.0092.0091.0091.00
Spend My Life With You91.6091.4092.0091.67
Til I Hear You Sing93.4094.0093.8093.73
How Could I Ever Know?93.8096.4093.4094.53
Love Me Or Leave Me92.0094.8093.2093.33
I Got Rhythm91.0091.0091.2091.07
If You Love Me, Really Love Me92.6094.4093.8093.60
Georgia On My Mind91.6092.8094.2092.87
Ring-A-Ding Ding!92.0094.0093.6093.20
Since I Fell For You91.8092.2092.2092.07
I'd Give A Million Tomorrows91.2094.6092.2092.67
They All Laughed90.6089.6091.8090.67
Pretty Baby91.8091.4091.4091.53
I'll Take You Dreaming90.8090.6092.4091.27
In The Summer92.0092.0092.2092.07
Pop Songs (Medley)94.8096.0095.2095.33
Lavender Blue93.0093.2093.8093.33
Love Walked In90.8089.8090.6090.40
Old Devil Moon90.6090.4091.4090.80
When She Loved Me89.8091.8089.0090.20
Too Darn Hot (From Kiss Me Kate)91.4092.4089.8091.20
If I Loved You92.8093.0091.0092.27
Pass Me The Jazz91.8095.0092.4093.07
Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House90.8089.4090.0090.07
The More I See You89.2089.6088.8089.20
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother86.0093.0089.8089.60
Between You And The Birds And The Bees And Cupid90.6091.4090.6090.87
What Are You Doing New Years Eve?88.4090.6088.0089.00
It's A Pity To Say Goodnight88.4092.0088.2089.53
Up A Lazy River87.6088.4087.6087.87
Hallelujah, I Love Her So88.2087.8087.8087.93
Pass Me By (Medley)89.0091.0089.4089.80
Frim Fram Sauce89.0088.2088.2088.47
My Way88.6089.0087.2088.27
Paper Doll88.2089.0087.6088.27
Feeling Good87.8088.2089.0088.33
Day By Day87.6089.8088.8088.73
Cheek To Cheek/My Blue Heaven (Medley)87.8087.6087.8087.73
Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)87.0088.4088.6088.00
The Nearness Of You87.8088.2087.2087.73
You Took Advantage Of Me87.8088.2087.0087.67
Come What May85.2086.0087.8086.33
Lose That Long Face84.8086.6086.0085.80
Put On A Happy Face89.0089.4089.6089.33
Not While I'm Around89.0090.6089.8089.80
New Year (Medley)87.6089.0088.2088.27
I See The Light (From Walt Disney Pictures' ,Tangled,)87.6090.4087.8088.60
Heart And Soul85.6086.0086.2085.93
My Blushin' Rosie86.0086.4086.0086.13
They Didn't Believe Me87.0086.6086.8086.80
You're From Heaven And You're Mine85.4085.6086.6085.87
Garland Of Old Fashioned Roses86.2087.6087.8087.20
I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody86.2086.2086.2086.20
Let's Just Stay In85.8086.2085.6085.87
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat84.4086.0085.8085.40
Mister, You've Gone And Got The Blues84.8088.8085.2086.27
No Moon At All85.0087.4085.6086.00
Looking At You/I Love You (Medley)86.4088.4086.8087.20
Not Love (Medley)86.0088.4087.2087.20
Try A Little Tenderness83.6084.4083.2083.73
I've Got You Under My Skin84.0086.4084.2084.87
Anytime At All86.6087.2084.8086.20
The Lady Is A Tramp85.6087.4085.6086.20
It Only Takes A Moment85.2083.8085.2084.73
Oh, Lonesome Me85.2083.4085.6084.73
No Other Love84.8085.6085.4085.27
The Hut-Sut Song85.4086.8085.6085.93
The Truth About Men84.4084.4083.0083.93
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You83.4083.0082.8083.07
Tomorrow Is Promised To No One84.2083.6083.8083.87
It Happened In Monterey85.4082.4083.8083.87
Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain't No Jazz?82.4081.4082.8082.20
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song84.6083.6085.6084.60
At Last82.6081.4085.4083.13
What'll I Do?81.8081.6084.2082.53
If I Had My Way82.4082.2084.6083.07
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along81.6081.4084.4082.47
Who Can I Turn To?80.0083.6083.2082.27
When You Wore A Tulip81.6082.0082.4082.00
Bridge Over Troubled Waters78.8084.8084.2082.60
For Good77.2086.6083.4082.40
I Love Being Here With You83.0083.8082.6083.13
And This Is My Beloved80.6082.2081.2081.33
Bridge Over Troubled Waters79.0084.0084.0082.33
You Took Advantage Of Me81.2083.2081.8082.07
The More I See You81.2080.4081.6081.07
I Love Being Here With You81.4081.2082.4081.67
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart80.4081.4081.0080.93
Just Look At Me Now80.8081.0081.6081.13
Blame It On My Youth81.2080.4080.2080.60
Just Look At Me Now81.0081.2080.4080.87
What'll I Do?81.0080.8081.4081.07
Are You The One?80.6080.8080.6080.67
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses79.0080.4081.8080.40
Over The Rainbow79.2080.2081.2080.20
My Heart Stood Still79.8080.8081.4080.67
If I Didn't Care79.4079.8080.6079.93
The Very Thought Of You81.4080.2080.0080.53
(Love Is) The Tender Trap79.8079.4079.2079.47
Last Night Was The End Of The World78.8082.8080.0080.53
Things Are Looking Up78.8079.6079.4079.27
Danny Boy80.2080.2080.2080.20
Ain't That A Kick In The Head80.0079.6080.6080.07
Rhythm Of The Rain79.6079.0079.4079.33
Old Black Joe79.2080.6078.6079.47
Cotton Club (Medley)79.6080.0079.4079.67
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?80.6081.2078.0079.93
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine79.8079.4076.8078.67
When She Loved Me79.0079.8079.0079.27
I Can't Give You Anything But Love78.6080.2078.4079.07
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody79.0079.0080.0079.33
Five Foot Two78.6079.2079.0078.93
Nice Work If You Can Get It79.4078.8079.0079.07
Where Is The One?79.4078.6078.2078.73
You Are The One I Love79.6078.2080.0079.27
Smile (Medley)78.8077.2079.4078.47
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone78.8080.2078.6079.20
My Queen Of The Senior Prom79.8078.2078.8078.93
Jazz Baby79.2078.0078.8078.67
Ain't That A Kick In The Head77.4079.2077.6078.07
Volare/An Evening In Roma (Medley)78.8081.6077.4079.27
Just Look At Me Now79.2078.6078.2078.67
Mona Lisa79.0079.0077.8078.60
Ray Charles (Medley)78.4080.4077.8078.87
Once Upon A Dream77.0080.0077.4078.13
Tea For Two77.4080.0077.8078.40
Between You And The Birds And The Bees And Cupid79.6076.6078.0078.07
Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me?/Undecided (Medley)79.4077.8078.2078.47
(They Long To Be) Close To You78.2076.4078.4077.67
A Shine On Your Shoes80.2077.2078.4078.60
Just Friends77.8077.8078.4078.00
When I Leave The World Behind78.0078.4078.4078.27
If I Had My Way78.0078.0077.8077.93
Sweet Pea78.2078.2077.0077.80
That's An Irish Lullaby77.6077.8076.8077.40
I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover78.0079.0077.6078.20
Redhead/Redheaded Mamma (Medley)77.2078.4077.6077.73
Little Home Sweet Home Of Mine76.8078.2077.2077.40
Cheer Up, Charlie79.2077.6077.2078.00
Georgia May78.2075.8076.0076.67
Silver And Gold/Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair (Medley)75.8079.2075.2076.73
Five Foot Two/Somebody Stole Gal76.4079.6075.8077.27
They Can't Take That Away From Me77.2076.8077.2077.07
At Last76.6076.4076.6076.53
At The End Of The Day76.8076.8076.2076.60
Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy (Medley)76.8076.6077.2076.87
You've Really Got A Hold On Me75.8077.4077.4076.87
A Thousand Things75.0076.2076.0075.73
Fit As A Fiddle75.6076.8075.2075.87
Forgive Me76.2077.4075.0076.20
Once Upon A Time76.0076.0075.8075.93
Basin Street Blues75.4076.6074.8075.60
Make 'Em Laugh74.8076.8074.2075.27
Georgia May76.2074.8075.4075.47
Don't Be A Baby, Baby75.6075.4075.0075.33
Birth Of The Blues75.0075.4074.6075.00
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning75.2076.0074.4075.20

Panel: Administrator(s)
S - Cary Burns - JAD
S - Kirk Young - LOL
S - Paul Wigley - LOL
S - Steve Armstrong - ONT
S - Steve Tramack - NED
Q - Cary Burns - JAD
Q - Kirk Young - LOL
Q - Paul Wigley - LOL
Q - Steve Armstrong - ONT
Q - Steve Tramack - NED
F - Cary Burns - JAD
F - Kirk Young - LOL
F - Paul Wigley - LOL
F - Steve Armstrong - ONT
F - Steve Tramack - NED
S - David Krause - CSD
S - David Leeder - DIX
S - Dwain Brobst - SWD
S - Gary Steinkamp - FWD
S - Mark Kettner - DIX
Q - David Krause - CSD
Q - David Leeder - DIX
Q - Dwain Brobst - SWD
Q - Gary Steinkamp - FWD
Q - Mark Kettner - DIX
F - David Krause - CSD
F - David Leeder - DIX
F - Dwain Brobst - SWD
F - Gary Steinkamp - FWD
F - Mark Kettner - DIX
S - Alan Gordon - FWD
S - Brett Littlefield - FWD
S - Chris Richards - RMD
S - Ig Jakovac - MAD
S - Rik Johnson - CSD
Q - Alan Gordon - FWD
Q - Brett Littlefield - FWD
Q - Chris Richards - RMD
Q - Ig Jakovac - MAD
Q - Rik Johnson - CSD
F - Alan Gordon - FWD
F - Brett Littlefield - FWD
F - Chris Richards - RMD
F - Ig Jakovac - MAD
F - Rik Johnson - CSD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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