2014 Northeastern Prelims


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Over The Rainbow84.0082.5082.0082.83
Razzle Dazzle83.0085.0084.5084.17
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over83.0083.0085.0083.67
Bad Bad Leroy Brown84.5086.5083.5084.83
Last Night On The Back Porch76.5077.0077.0076.83
No No Nora76.0077.5074.0075.83
Sweet And Lovely74.5075.5077.5075.83
Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me?/Undecided (Medley)77.0077.0075.5076.50
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie74.0072.5069.5072.00
Hello My Baby73.5071.0065.5070.00
You Took Advantage Of Me71.5071.0069.0070.50
I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometime73.0071.0068.0070.67
My Honey's Lovin' Arms68.5070.5069.5069.50
Tin Roof Blues69.0072.5069.5070.33
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia71.5071.5071.0071.33
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano70.0071.0069.0070.00
Walkin' My Baby Back Home68.5063.0063.0064.83
Where the Blue of the Night67.0063.0064.0064.67
Roses Of Picardy66.0064.5067.0065.83
Bring Back Those Good Old Days66.5063.5066.0065.33
I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do65.5064.0063.5064.33
Old Piano Roll Blues (Fixer Up)65.5064.0061.5063.67
Danny Boy (Danny The Plumber)63.0063.0060.5062.17
I Didn't Want To Fall64.0063.5064.5064.00
After You've Gone63.0063.0061.5062.50
Kentucky Babe63.5062.0064.0063.17
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart62.5062.0061.5062.00
Yes Sir, That's My Baby/Ain't She Sweet (Medley)65.5062.5064.0064.00
Smilin' Through63.5061.0060.0061.50
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)64.5063.5063.5063.83
Just In Time63.0062.0062.0062.33
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)60.5060.0060.5060.33
When Theres Love At Home59.5059.0057.5058.67
This Nearly Was Mine78.0076.5076.0076.83
Blues In The Night77.0078.0074.0076.33
Late Night TV (Medley)78.5080.0077.5078.67
Wonderful Day (Medley)71.5069.0072.5071.00
Here's To Love72.5070.0072.5071.67
Paper Doll74.0070.5073.5072.67
Who Can I Turn To?72.5069.0069.5070.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Chris Buechler - MAD
A - Dwain Chambers - ILL
S - Dave Rubin - JAD
S - Steve Tramack - NED
F - Dave Rubin - JAD
F - Steve Tramack - NED
S - Barry Towner - ONT
S - Steve Janes - NED
F - Barry Towner - ONT
F - Steve Janes - NED
S - Anthony Colosimo - PIO
S - Chad Guyton - DIX
F - Anthony Colosimo - PIO
F - Chad Guyton - DIX

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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