2013 Pioneer District


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Lovin The Girls/They're All Sweeties (Medley)70.0073.5069.0070.83
Bright Was The Night69.0070.5066.0068.50
Come Fly With Me72.5071.5069.5071.17
Over The Rainbow67.5069.0067.5068.00
Hello My Baby66.5067.5068.0067.33
Kentucky Babe66.5070.0065.5067.33
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You67.0070.0069.0068.67
You Are So Beautiful67.5072.0068.5069.33
Sweet, Sweet Roses Of Morn69.5071.0063.0067.83
Get Out And Get Under The Moon68.0070.5064.5067.67
Smilin' Through67.5071.0062.5067.00
Bye Bye Blues66.0068.0061.0065.00
What'll I Do?69.5066.0062.5066.00
Just In Time68.5064.5062.5065.17
Sunshine Of Your Smile70.0067.5065.5067.67
Hello My Baby71.5067.5063.5067.50
I Never See Maggie Alone64.0065.0065.5064.83
Old Piano Roll Blues63.5062.5065.0063.67
What It Takes To Make You Smile66.0071.5067.5068.33
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad67.0069.5065.5067.33
When Theres Love At Home66.0070.5063.0066.50
Make Believe64.5066.0063.0064.50
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans65.0066.5063.5065.00
Sweet Adeline66.5065.5063.0065.00
I Only Have Eyes For You64.5064.5060.0063.00
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie66.0065.0065.0065.33
Let The Rest Of The World Go By66.0065.5063.0064.83
Hello My Baby67.0066.0061.5064.83
If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts64.5064.5060.5063.17
Be My Good Luck Charm64.5064.5065.0064.67
When She Loved Me66.0066.0064.5065.50
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart67.0064.5064.0065.17
Almost Like Being In Love68.0064.5062.5065.00
My Ideal67.5063.0064.0064.83
Bright Was The Night65.0060.0062.5062.50
Muskrat Ramble65.5067.0064.0065.50
When You Were Sweet Sixteen65.0065.5066.0065.50
After You've Gone64.5065.0063.0064.17
There Goes My Heart63.5064.5062.5063.50
Darktown Strutters Ball64.5065.0061.5063.67
One For My Baby62.0064.5061.0062.50
I Didn't Want To Fall64.5062.0061.5062.67
If I Love Again63.5061.5062.5062.50
That's An Irish Lullaby63.0062.0059.0061.33
If You Love Me, Really Love Me61.5060.0056.5059.33
Hello My Baby61.5057.0061.0059.83
All Of Me61.0057.0060.5059.50
Sweet And Lovely61.0059.5056.5059.00
Sweet, Sweet Roses Of Morn61.5059.0054.0058.17

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Brian OLeary - NED
A - David Bowen - LOL
S - Jan-Ake Westin - PIO
S - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
F - Jan-Ake Westin - PIO
F - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
S - Ev Nau - LOL
S - Larry Reinhart - CAR
F - Ev Nau - LOL
F - Larry Reinhart - CAR
S - Anthony Colosimo - PIO
S - Rik Johnson - CSD
F - Anthony Colosimo - PIO
F - Rik Johnson - CSD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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