2011 Dixie Prelims


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When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose84.5085.5087.5085.83
Five Foot Two86.5086.0087.5086.67
I Will Never Pass This Way Again83.0087.5087.5086.00
Bill Grogan's Goat86.0088.0087.5087.17
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone80.5082.0083.5082.00
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie82.5083.0084.0083.17
Johnny One Note80.5084.5084.5083.17
Shine On Me80.5082.5084.0082.33
Glory Of Love74.5071.0072.5072.67
Where The Southern Roses Grow72.5067.0074.0071.17
The Way You Look Tonight72.0071.0073.0072.00
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do72.0074.0072.5072.83
Hello, Mary Lou69.0069.0068.5068.83
The Little Boy72.5071.0069.5071.00
Let The Rest Of The World Go By72.5074.0073.5073.33
Oh, My Alabama71.0072.0072.5071.83
Blues In The Night70.0073.5072.0071.83
Blue, Turning Grey Over You65.5069.5068.0067.67
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else68.0072.5075.0071.83
I'm A-Comin' A-Courtin' (Corabelle)68.5070.5074.0071.00
Let The Rest Of The World Go By65.5067.0069.0067.17
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye68.0067.0069.5068.17
Smilin' Through67.5074.0072.0071.17
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes66.0069.5069.0068.17
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)67.0067.0069.0067.67
There Goes My Heart68.5068.0070.0068.83
Who Will Buy?66.5065.0066.0065.83
When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam63.0061.5062.0062.17
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes62.5061.0066.0063.17
My Gal Sal61.0062.0067.0063.33
Coney Island Baby/We All Fall - (Medley)62.5063.0064.5063.33
Mexicali Rose62.0062.5064.5063.00
Don't Blame Me59.0063.5066.5063.00
The Barbershop Strut61.0065.0067.0064.33
My Romance59.0059.5066.0061.50
They All Laughed61.5059.5065.5062.17
Hard Hearted Hannah71.0071.0073.5071.83
If Ever I Would Leave You69.5069.5075.0071.33
Tin Roof Blues54.5057.0057.5056.33
Old Folks At Home55.0054.0056.5055.17
As Time Goes By50.0050.5058.5053.00
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)53.0048.5055.5052.33
I Don't Mind Being All Alone55.0054.0056.0055.00
Story Of The Rose52.5050.5053.5052.17

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Chuck Harner - MAD
S - Paul Wigley - LOL
S - Steve Jamison - SLD
F - Paul Wigley - LOL
F - Steve Jamison - SLD
S - Barry Towner - ONT
S - Scott Wilson - SLD
F - Barry Towner - ONT
F - Scott Wilson - SLD
S - Jim DeBusman - LOL
S - Richard Lewellen - MAD
F - Jim DeBusman - LOL
F - Richard Lewellen - MAD
A - Jeff Selano - DIX

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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