2010 Johnny Appleseed District


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It's Only A Paper Moon78.3375.6777.6777.22
When My Baby Smiles At Me76.6775.6777.3376.56
A Sunday Kind Of Love79.6776.0075.3377.00
Look Me Up When Youre In Dixie78.3377.0074.3376.56
Cottage For Sale73.6775.0074.3374.33
I'm Gonna Lock My Heart And Throw Away The Key72.6774.0073.6773.44
My Old Kentucky Home70.6773.0075.0072.89
Recipe For Love70.3374.0075.3373.22
Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To Shanghai72.0074.0072.3372.78
Come And Love Me72.0073.3373.0072.78
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans71.6773.6770.6772.00
At Last69.6773.0068.6770.44
Let's Get Away From It All71.3372.0070.6771.33
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams71.3372.6771.6771.89
It Had To Be You73.3371.6770.0071.67
You Make Me Feel So Young73.0072.3368.6771.33
It's Only A Paper Moon73.0070.6772.0071.89
What'll I Do?72.6770.0072.3371.67
It's Only The End Of A Romance To You (But To Me70.0070.3369.6770.00
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)69.6770.0067.6769.11
Moonlight Becomes You68.6771.0072.3370.67
Nice Work If You Can Get It67.0070.0070.6769.22
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody68.6769.3368.6768.89
Put Your Head On My Shoulder66.6769.0066.3367.33
Blues In The Night69.0070.6769.6769.78
Birth Of The Blues68.6770.6769.3369.56
Take Me Out To The Ball Game67.3369.6765.6767.56
There Used To Be A Ballpark Right Here69.3371.0065.6768.67
Too Young69.3371.3366.6769.11
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, And You're Mine71.0071.6767.3370.00
My Father, My Friend, My Dad69.0070.0064.3367.78
The Best Times I Ever Had66.3369.3364.0066.56
Sweet And Lovely68.0069.3367.6768.33
Shine On Me63.0067.3367.6766.00
My Wild Irish Rose63.3370.3368.3367.33
I Found A Million Dollar Baby67.6768.6769.3368.56
Down Yonder64.6766.0067.3366.00
For All We Know66.6767.0065.3366.33
Don't Blame Me64.3366.0064.6765.00
St. Patrick's Day Parade (Medley)67.6769.3367.0068.00
School Days66.0066.6765.3366.00
Tin Roof Blues66.0068.3365.6766.67
Bye Bye Blues66.0068.3366.3366.89
All The Way68.6767.3364.6766.89
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)67.6765.6765.0066.11
Cop On Beat, Man In Moon And Me66.3366.6764.6765.89
Just Because/Shine Away My Bluises (Medley)65.6766.3365.3365.78
Be My Good Luck Charm65.3368.3364.3366.00
My Honey's Lovin' Arms63.3367.3363.6764.78
Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On62.6767.3364.6764.89
Old Saint Louie63.3366.6763.6764.56
Chordbusters March65.0065.0065.0065.00
Yes Sir, That's My Baby63.0062.3363.6763.00
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie60.6766.6765.6764.33
After You've Gone59.6765.0064.0062.89
Side By Side61.3362.0065.3362.89
When Theres Love At Home61.6762.0065.6763.11
Sweet Adeline62.6764.0061.6762.78
Ain't Misbehavin61.3363.0062.0062.11
If I Only Had A Brain63.0060.3363.3362.22
Sweet And Lovely61.6760.6762.0061.44
Georgia On My Mind63.3364.3361.0062.89
It's Only A Paper Moon61.0062.3359.0060.78
Let's Get Away From It All57.0059.6757.6758.11
Crazy Bout Ya Baby59.0058.6759.0058.89
Georgia On My Mind59.6756.3359.6758.56
Back In The Old Routine57.6759.3359.0058.67
The Song Of The Temperance Union55.0056.3358.6756.67
A Wink And A Smile57.6758.3358.0058.00
Coney Island Baby/We All Fall - (Medley)55.6759.6756.3357.22
What'll I Do?51.6753.0054.0052.89
It's A Good Day52.0055.0049.6752.22
My Old Kentucky Home53.3356.6751.3353.78

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Barry Knott - EVG
A - Bill McLaurine - CSD
S - Cary Burns - JAD
S - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
S - Ron Black - FWD
F - Cary Burns - JAD
F - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
F - Ron Black - FWD
S - Joe Connelly - SUN
S - Steve Plumb - NED
S - Steve Dorn - JAD
F - Joe Connelly - SUN
F - Steve Plumb - NED
F - Steve Dorn - JAD
S - Bob McFadden - JAD
S - Ed Fritzen Jr - PIO
S - Rik Johnson - CSD
F - Ed Fritzen Jr - PIO
F - Rik Johnson - CSD
F - William Rashleigh - JAD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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