2009 Johnny Appleseed Prelims


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You Do Something To Me83.3383.0084.0083.44
Alamo Rag84.6785.0084.6784.78
I Used To Be Color Blind81.6784.6785.0083.78
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead85.0087.6784.0085.56
Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To Shanghai84.0082.3378.3381.56
That Old Feeling82.6782.6777.0080.78
My Ideal81.0081.0076.3379.44
There, I've Said It Again80.0080.3375.0078.44
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad (Parody)79.0083.0079.0080.33
What'll I Do? (Parody)78.6781.0078.6779.44
Coney Island Baby/We All Fall - (Medley)79.0081.6778.0079.56
Grease/Summer Lovin'/Greased Lighting (Medley)77.0079.6775.3377.33
The Song Is You76.6777.6775.3376.56
I've Got A Crush On You77.6778.0076.3377.33
Little Boy77.6774.0075.3375.67
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again77.0073.6776.3375.67
My Ideal75.6775.6773.0074.78
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)75.0075.6773.0074.56
All The Way73.0074.3371.6773.00
I'll Never Say Never Again Again74.6775.6773.6774.67
After You've Gone73.0070.0069.3370.78
Lover, Come Back To Me73.3368.0071.0070.78
There Goes My Heart75.0072.6773.0073.56
Let's Get Away From It All75.0074.0074.0074.33
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans75.3372.6771.3373.11
How Deep Is The Ocean71.6770.3368.6770.22
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart73.0071.3371.6772.00
Jump Shout Boogie73.3373.0070.3372.22
Come And Love Me71.0072.0073.0072.00
Once Upon A Time71.3372.6771.6771.89
Bright Was The Night68.3368.3368.3368.33
Be My Good Luck Charm71.0069.6771.0070.56
My Melancholy Baby69.3370.3368.6769.44
You Make Me Feel So Young69.3371.0068.6769.67
I'll Forget You70.0069.6767.3369.00
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You68.6765.6768.3367.56
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?67.0067.0067.6767.22
Georgia On My Mind67.0064.3366.6766.00
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody68.0064.6766.0066.22
They Wrote Em In The Good Old Days67.6771.6766.0068.44
Muskrat Ramble67.3367.3364.0066.22
Am I Wasting My Time On You?67.3364.3366.6766.11
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style69.0066.0066.3367.11
Oh. What A Beautiful Morning63.6772.3362.6766.22
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top63.6771.3361.0065.33
Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On64.0065.6764.3364.67
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano65.3367.0065.6766.00
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner65.0063.6762.3363.67
Story Of The Rose63.0062.6761.6762.44
Sweet Georgia Brown64.6759.6761.0061.78
Sweet Adeline64.6759.0062.0061.89
Let The Rest Of The World Go By61.6760.0061.0060.89
After You've Gone61.6761.3362.3361.78
Old Songs Are Just Like Old Friends58.6752.0056.6755.78
Muskrat Ramble58.6753.3353.6755.22
Last Night Was The End Of The World74.6769.0069.6771.11
What'll I Do?74.6770.0074.3373.00
Don't Tell Me The Same Things Over Again71.6769.6772.3371.22

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Barry Knott - EVG
A - Mike Norris - LOL
A - Phil Ordaz - FWD
A - Rod Sgrignoli - RMD
A - Steve Delehanty - MAD
A - Jim Coates - JAD
A - Mark Schlinkert - DIX
A - Steve Janes - NED
A - Chris Hebert - FWD
A - Dave Tautkus - FWD
A - David Mills - SUN

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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