2008 Central States Prelims


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After Dark81.5078.5080.0080.00
Jazz Me Blues83.5081.0080.5081.67
The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart83.5079.5080.0081.00
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans82.5081.0080.5081.33
I'm Beginning To See The Light75.0076.0068.0073.00
Roses Of Picardy73.0076.0066.0071.67
Firefly/Glow Worm (Medley)75.0076.5071.0074.17
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody73.5075.0069.5072.67
Bright Was The Night73.0073.0073.5073.17
Love/Eyes (Medley)71.0072.5069.0070.83
On The Sunny Side Of The Street69.5071.5069.0070.00
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again70.5071.0067.5069.67
Where The Southern Roses Grow71.0073.5070.0071.50
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me71.0073.0069.5071.17
Yesterday I Heard The Rain70.0070.5065.5068.67
When My Baby Smiles At Me68.5071.5066.5068.83
Come Fly With Me70.0070.0068.0069.33
Moonlight Becomes You71.0072.0067.0070.00
Mammy O' Mine69.5071.5069.5070.17
Old Songs Are Just Like Old Friends70.0071.0068.5069.83
Come And Love Me69.5072.0070.5070.67
Come Fly With Me67.5072.0067.5069.00
Sunshine Of Your Smile70.0071.0068.0069.67
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You70.0071.5068.5070.00
Come Fly With Me67.5071.5070.5069.83
Come And Love Me69.0071.0070.0070.00
Yesterday I Heard The Rain72.0072.5068.0070.83
After You've Gone68.0070.5066.0068.17
When Theres Love At Home70.5066.5069.0068.67
Just In Time70.0067.0069.5068.83
Beautiful Dreamer70.5070.0067.0069.17
Love/Eyes (Medley)72.5071.5070.0071.33
Yes Sir, That's My Baby69.5073.5064.0069.00
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia71.0072.5064.0069.17
After You've Gone69.5070.0067.0068.83
Stormy Weather68.5070.0063.5067.33
It's Only A Paper Moon65.0068.5065.0066.17
I Feel A Song Comin On66.0067.5064.0065.83
I Got Rhythm67.0068.0064.0066.33
Sweet, Sweet Roses Of Morn65.5068.0064.0065.83
It's Only A Paper Moon66.0069.0065.0066.67
It's Only A Paper Moon66.5065.0066.0065.83
If You Were The Only Girl In The World66.0068.0064.5066.17
Whatever Happened To The Old Songs64.0064.0066.5064.83
You Made Me Love You63.5063.5065.5064.17
Original Dixieland One-Step65.0065.0061.0063.67
Hey, Look Me Over66.0065.0061.5064.17
After You've Gone59.5060.0056.5058.67
At The End Of A Lane55.5058.0053.0055.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill McLaurine - CSD
A - Don Crowl - SWD
A - Kevin Keller - CSD
A - Rick Spencer - LOL
A - Doug Miller - LOL
A - George Gipp - ILL
A - Chris Hebert - FWD
A - Tom Matchinsky - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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