2007 Land O' Lakes District


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It's You77.6780.0077.6778.44
Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone76.3378.3376.6777.11
Where The Southern Roses Grow80.0079.0080.3379.78
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land78.6779.0079.0078.89
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes76.6776.3375.0076.00
I'll Be Seeing You78.0077.6775.6777.11
Blame It On My Youth76.6776.3375.3376.11
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You75.6775.3374.3375.11
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)70.3374.6769.3371.44
Be My Good Luck Charm69.3373.6770.6771.22
Redhead/Redheaded Mamma (Medley)74.3374.0074.3374.22
Everything Old Is New Again74.6775.0075.0074.89
What'll I Do?69.0074.0072.3371.78
For Me And My Gal73.6773.3371.6772.89
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning66.3371.6770.6769.56
Darkness On The Delta73.0072.3369.6771.67
Got My Thumb Out69.6772.6771.0071.11
I'm Beginning To See The Light69.6771.3369.0070.00
I Never Knew What I Was Missin'72.0070.6772.0071.56
It's Only A Paper Moon71.6769.6769.6770.33
This Joint Is Jumpin'70.6774.0072.0072.22
If I Love Again69.3372.0070.6770.67
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning69.3369.0069.0069.11
I Used To Call Her Baby71.0070.3369.0070.11
When Day Is Done65.0067.3368.3366.89
That's Life66.6770.3369.0068.67
A Wink And A Smile70.0068.3372.3370.22
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over69.0067.6771.3369.33
A Kiss To Build A Dream On66.6768.6767.6767.67
Red Hot Momma Sweetest Girl In Town66.6767.3366.3366.78
The Way You Look Tonight69.6767.6768.6768.67
It All Depends On You68.6766.6768.0067.78
Old Piano Roll Blues66.0067.3367.6767.00
May I Never Love Again65.6767.3364.3365.78
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart65.0066.6768.0066.56
Once Upon A Time63.0068.3366.6766.00
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style68.6770.0068.0068.89
If You Had All The World And Its Gold68.6768.6767.6768.33
What'll I Do?66.3366.6763.6765.56
Blue Skies60.0063.0063.0062.00
Meet Me In Rosetime, Rosie67.3367.6765.3366.78
My Ideal66.3367.3363.3365.67
Takin' A Chance On Love70.6771.0066.0069.22
What'll I Do?62.3366.0061.0063.11
Let Me Hear The Memphis Blues66.6766.6766.6766.67
For All We Know63.3365.0066.0064.78
A Wink And A Smile66.6764.3366.6765.89
Tell Me Why65.6762.6766.0064.78
Flim Flam Man67.3365.6764.6765.89
After You've Gone66.0063.0062.3363.78
Recipe For Making Love64.0065.0064.6764.56
After You've Gone63.0062.3364.0063.11
Each Time I Fall In Love66.6765.3364.3365.44
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over59.0063.0063.0061.67
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again64.6764.0064.0064.22
My Melancholy Baby63.6762.3362.6762.89
It's Only A Paper Moon64.0064.0064.6764.22
Takin' A Chance On Love62.0061.6761.6761.78
Ain't Misbehavin59.0064.6761.6761.78
Old Saint Louie59.0062.3360.0060.44
If All My Dreams Were Made Of Gold54.0056.6756.6755.78
Hello, Mary Lou57.6758.6757.0057.78
Let The Rest Of The World Go By55.3359.6757.3357.44
A Wink And A Smile52.0056.0052.6753.56

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - David Bowen - LOL
A - Rick Haines - SWD
A - Bob Brock - EVG
A - Rick Spencer - LOL
A - Toby Balsley - NED
A - David Krause - CSD
A - Gary Plaag - MAD
A - Mike Louque - CSD
A - Chris Richards - RMD
A - Ig Jakovac - MAD
A - Rik Johnson - CSD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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