2006 Mid-Atlantic District


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That Rhythm Man80.6777.0082.0079.89
Memories Of A Song In My Heart80.3379.3383.0080.89
Once In A While80.6780.6780.6780.67
Alabama Jubilee82.3381.0080.6781.33
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You78.3376.3375.0076.56
Yesterday I Heard The Rain78.6779.0077.0078.22
Love Me, And The World Is Mine79.3381.0079.6780.00
All Aboard For Dixieland81.3380.0082.3381.22
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)76.3368.6776.3373.78
If I Only Had A Brain79.6775.6777.0077.44
It's Impossible77.6779.3378.3378.44
When Theres Love At Home76.3378.6778.0077.67
If I Love Again76.0072.0075.3374.44
Ballin' The Jack72.3372.6773.0072.67
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again72.6772.0071.6772.11
Recipe For Making Love74.0072.3374.0073.44
Shoo-Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy70.6768.6772.0070.44
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do69.3371.3369.0069.89
I've Got The World On A String67.6771.3368.6769.22
There, I've Said It Again71.0069.0071.3370.44
A Wink And A Smile70.0069.6769.6769.78
If I Love Again69.3372.3372.6771.44
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)70.6772.3371.0071.33
Tin Roof Blues71.6771.3370.6771.22
What'll I Do?70.0068.3369.0069.11
Birth Of The Blues72.3373.0072.3372.56
Just In Time69.3370.0069.3369.56
Moonlight Becomes You68.3372.0072.0070.78
Down Where The Swanee River Flows67.3367.6770.0068.33
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner71.6770.3372.6771.56
What Kind Of Fool Am I?70.6764.3370.6768.56
Sweet Adeline73.0070.3374.3372.56
I'm Beginning To See The Light70.0067.0070.3369.11
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad72.3371.3368.3370.67
Birth Of The Blues69.3370.0065.0068.11
If I Had The Last Dream Left In The World66.3367.6767.6767.22
Bye Bye Blues67.3367.6767.6767.56
Love's Old Sweet Song70.0069.6773.6771.11
Goody Goody64.6765.0066.3365.33
Memories Of You68.6767.6769.0068.44
Love/Eyes (Medley)66.6767.0068.6767.44
I Guess I Always Will71.6764.3368.3368.11
Each Time I Fall In Love69.6763.0067.0066.56
Paper Doll67.6768.6768.0068.11
Can't You Hear Me Callin Caroline65.6766.0066.3366.00
When The Toy Soldiers March On Parade68.3365.3369.6767.78
Lulu's Back In Town65.6765.0067.3366.00
Dear Hearts And Gentle People66.3365.0070.0067.11
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven66.3362.6771.0066.67
Footloose And Fancy Free63.6768.6765.3365.89
Just A Gigolo61.3366.0062.0063.11
Jeepers Creepers60.0063.6768.6764.11
I'm Alone Because I Love You59.3361.6767.6762.89
If You Had All The World And Its Gold65.0060.6765.3363.67
After You've Gone/Some Of These Days (Medley)63.6762.0064.0063.22
You Tell Me Your Dream64.3360.6763.6762.89
Goody Goody63.3360.0062.3361.89
The Little Boy65.3359.0063.0062.44
All Of Me64.3359.0062.0061.78
When You Were A Baby And I Was The Kid Next Door64.3362.6763.6763.56
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart58.6761.0061.3360.33
Old Pals Are The Best Pals After All57.0065.0060.6760.89
We'll Meet Again58.3365.0061.0061.44
All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart62.0059.3359.6760.33
Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Quartet Of Mine62.0059.6760.6760.78
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star75.3368.3374.6772.78
Glory Of Love76.3376.3377.3376.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Jim Ramsey - JAD
A - Mike Norris - LOL
A - Kevin Keller - CSD
A - Kirk Young - LOL
A - Toby Balsley - NED
A - Bobby Gray Jr. - SWD
A - David McEachern - ONT
A - Richard Treptow - LOL
A - Chris Peterson - LOL
A - Don Kahl - SWD
A - Jim Richards - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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