2006 Land O' Lakes Prelims


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I'm In Love Again/Them There Eyes (Medley)80.5081.0081.0080.83
Young And Foolish82.0080.5082.0081.50
Story Of The Rose83.0082.0084.0083.00
Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone81.0082.0082.5081.83
You Turned The Tables On Me78.5078.5080.0079.00
Chase The Rain Away80.0078.5079.0079.17
I Told Them All About You/You Dear (Medley)80.5078.5081.0080.00
I Want To Be Around You80.0080.0079.0079.67
Tin Roof Blues73.5071.5073.0072.67
Somethin' About You75.0073.5077.0075.17
Sweet And Lovely75.5075.0076.0075.50
I'll Be Seeing You78.0078.0075.0077.00
If I Only Had A Brain78.0070.5073.0073.83
Darkness On The Delta77.5074.5072.0074.67
Bright Was The Night77.5071.0075.0074.50
For Me And My Gal76.5071.0075.0074.17
Redhead/Redheaded Mamma (Medley)75.0072.0071.5072.83
Isn't It A Pity?70.0069.5073.5071.00
Everything Old Is New Again75.0075.0075.0075.00
Be My Good Luck Charm74.5072.5073.5073.50
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia75.0069.5071.5072.00
Time After Time75.0069.5070.5071.67
When You Wore A Tulip75.0072.5072.5073.33
If I Ruled The World73.0075.5074.0074.17
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes74.0068.5072.5071.67
Keep Your Sunny Side Up75.5073.0071.5073.33
I Used To Call Her Baby72.5074.0070.0072.17
I Can't Give You Anything But Love70.5069.5075.5071.83
Just A Cottage Small By A Waterfall69.5067.0072.0069.50
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose71.5074.0075.0073.50
Firefly/Glow Worm (Medley)68.0073.5074.5072.00
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes68.5064.5061.5064.83
What'll I Do?68.0066.5064.5066.33
Blue Skies70.5067.0065.5067.67
That's An Irish Lullaby71.0067.5066.0068.17
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad66.5060.5069.0065.33
Please Dont Talk About Me/Coney Island (Medley)63.0060.5066.0063.17
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart66.0063.0069.5066.17
California Here I Come63.5064.0067.0064.83
Senior Citizen Blues62.0070.5061.5064.67
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye63.0065.0062.0063.33
Lazy River58.0050.0055.0054.33
Somethin' About You77.5076.0077.0076.83
It's D'Lovely73.5077.5074.5075.17
Over The Rainbow78.5078.5080.0079.00
Oh, You Beautiful Doll76.5080.0080.0078.83
All The Way77.0080.0082.0079.67
I Don't Know Why I Should Cry Over You75.0077.0080.5077.50
River Stay Way From My Door80.5084.0084.0082.83

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - David Bowen - LOL
A - Jim Nolan - NED
A - Dave Rubin - JAD
A - Phil Ordaz - FWD
A - David Krause - CSD
A - Jim Bagby - CSD
A - Brian Beck - SWD
A - Joe Liles - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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