2000 Cardinal District


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Embraceable You78.5080.0080.0079.50
I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo80.0081.0080.0080.33
I'm Sorry I Answered The Phone75.5074.0074.5074.67
What's He Tellin Helen?76.5075.0075.0075.50
At The End Of A Cobblestone Road64.0066.0066.5065.50
Lulu's Back In Town63.0061.0064.5062.83
You'll Never Go Wrong With A Song72.0070.0069.0070.33
Goody Goody71.5068.5069.5069.83
Lazy River62.5067.0065.5065.00
You'll Never Go Wrong With A Song63.5068.5065.5065.83
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along65.0067.0065.0065.67
My Buddy65.5066.0065.5065.67
I Called You My Sweetheart62.0068.5066.0065.50
Oh, You Beautiful Doll62.5067.5065.5065.17
Seems Like Old Times61.0066.5067.5065.00
I Found My Sweetheart, Sally63.0069.5067.0066.50
One Step From Dixieland62.0063.5065.0063.50
I'm In Love Again/Them There Eyes (Medley)61.5063.0064.5063.00
Story Of The Rose65.0066.0071.0067.33
I Didn't Want To Fall64.0068.5069.0067.17
When I Lost You59.5066.5067.5064.50
Old Songs Are Just Like Old Friends60.0064.0064.0062.67
I'm Off To See My Sweetness65.5071.0061.5066.00
My Melancholy Baby64.0071.5061.0065.50
Let's Get Away From It All63.5066.0067.0065.50
Georgia On My Mind62.0069.5066.0065.83
Dream A Little Dream Of Me60.0062.5065.5062.67
Strollin' Down Harmony Lane58.5056.5061.0058.67
Back Home Again In Indiana61.5064.0064.0063.17
Happy Go Lucky Lane59.5062.0063.0061.50
Beautiful Dreamer64.0059.5064.0062.50
You Made Me Love You62.0064.0065.0063.67
If You Were The Only Girl In The World63.5061.0064.0062.83
Presidents Legacy (Parody)61.0055.0061.0059.00
Spam (Parody)55.0065.0066.0062.00
Beanie Babies (Parody)55.0066.5065.5062.33
Back In The Old Routine60.5066.5065.0064.00
Don't Blame Me59.0069.5065.5064.67
Paper Doll54.5056.5053.5054.83
For All We Know60.0063.0062.5061.83
If You Were The Only Girl In The World64.0065.5067.5065.67
Bye Bye Blackbird64.5071.0067.0067.50
Georgia On My Mind55.0055.5063.0057.83
I Wanna Be Around To Pick Up The Pieces56.0058.5061.5058.67
Candlelight Lane57.5061.0057.5058.67
Forgive Me54.5057.0057.0056.17
Lazy River55.0057.0056.5056.17
Always (Ill Be Loving You)54.5059.0055.5056.33
So Long, Mother53.5052.5059.5055.17
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart50.5055.5059.5055.17
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style52.5052.0056.5053.67
Coney Island Washboard Rondelet54.5053.5056.5054.83
Seems Like Old Times48.5052.5056.5052.50
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes52.5055.5058.0055.33
Moonlight Bay54.0048.0054.5052.17
Sam, The Old Accordion Man56.0051.0051.5052.83
Down Mobile50.0047.5048.0048.50
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?52.0053.0048.0051.00
Sam, The Old Accordion Man52.5045.0049.5049.00
Three Girls (Medley)50.0050.5043.5048.00
I'd Love To Live In Loveland49.5048.5044.0047.33
Muskrat Ramble50.0046.5048.5048.33
Hello, Mary Lou40.5047.0049.0045.50
Old Saint Louie44.0044.0051.5046.50
Bright Was The Night40.0035.5048.0041.17
Bye Bye Blues45.5045.0044.0044.83
Let The Rest Of The World Go By41.0041.0041.5041.17

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill Ornt - SLD
A - Ernie Nickoson - CAR
A - Paul Wigley - LOL
A - Raymond Schwarzkopf - CSD
A - Gary Wulf - JAD
A - Jim Bagby - CSD
A - Bob Moorehead - JAD
A - Brian Barford - JAD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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