2006 Illinois Prelims


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Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans78.0078.0080.0078.67
Basin Street Blues77.5080.0079.0078.83
I Tried To Forget You In Vain79.0076.5077.0077.50
Jazzin' The Blues Away77.5077.0076.0076.83
For Me And My Gal75.5073.5073.5074.17
I'll Forget You75.0076.0075.0075.33
Oh How I Miss You Tonight/When I Lost You (Medley)75.5078.5069.0074.33
Banjo's Back In Town/Banjo Baby (Medley)75.5078.0069.5074.33
You Make Me Feel So Young71.5072.5074.5072.83
Who Told You?71.5069.5074.5071.83
Where The Southern Roses Grow72.0071.0075.0072.67
I'll Be In My Dixie Home Again Tomorrow71.0072.5073.0072.17
When Theres Love At Home73.0071.5074.5073.00
B & O Line73.0072.0074.0073.00
For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne73.5070.5071.5071.83
Takin' A Chance On Love71.0070.0069.0070.00
You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May75.0074.5073.5074.33
Fit As A Fiddle/For Me And My Gal (Medley)72.0073.0065.0070.00
If I Love Again70.5073.0064.5069.33
My Gal Sal72.5069.5071.0071.00
I Want A Girl72.0070.0068.5070.17
When Theres Love At Home73.5069.0068.5070.33
Heart Of My Heart (Medley)72.0070.0066.5069.50
I Never Knew/You Were Meant For Me (Medley)68.5067.0073.0069.50
Back In The Old Routine67.5067.0070.0068.17
When You Wish Upon A Star68.0071.0073.0070.67
That's Life68.0071.5070.5070.00
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do66.5067.5063.5065.83
My Father, My Friend, My Dad66.0069.0061.5065.50
That's An Irish Lullaby68.0067.0064.5066.50
How Deep Is The Ocean67.0064.5064.5065.33
Make 'Em Laugh63.5066.5060.0063.33
Dream A Little Dream Of Me66.5065.5061.5064.50
Lida Rose64.5064.0062.5063.67
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You64.5064.5061.5063.50
You're The Girl I Love60.5056.5058.0058.33
Old Saint Louie64.0061.0061.5062.17
Dream A Little Dream Of Me62.5061.0061.0061.50
My Hometown Is A One Horse Town58.5055.5058.0057.33
Side By Side55.5054.5057.5055.83
Each Time I Fall In Love59.5059.0057.5058.67
Memories (Parody)46.5046.5045.5046.17
Beer Barrel Polka48.5047.5046.0047.33
Sweet Adeline (Parody)56.5057.0051.5055.00
Let The Rest Of The World Go By (Parody)54.0057.0049.0053.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Charlie Hill Jr. - SWD
A - Chuck Harner - MAD
A - Bob Brock - EVG
A - Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
A - Don Challman - LOL
A - Jack Stevens - SWD
A - Chuck Lower - MAD
A - Jim Richards - LOL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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