2006 Northeastern Prelims


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Cross That Mason Dixon Line80.0079.5081.5080.33
For Me And My Gal78.0078.5080.0078.83
Forgive Me77.5086.0080.0081.17
That's Life77.5086.0083.5082.33
Now Is The Hour79.5080.0081.0080.17
If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts78.0079.0081.5079.50
Blame It On My Youth79.0079.0079.5079.17
My Ideal73.5073.5072.0073.00
Redhead/Redheaded Mamma (Medley)71.0073.0072.0072.00
Where The Southern Roses Grow64.0068.5071.5068.00
Lovin The Girls/They're All Sweeties (Medley)65.5069.0071.0068.50
Let's Get Away From It All64.5070.0069.0067.83
It's Only A Paper Moon67.5074.0069.0070.17
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart68.5072.0068.0069.50
Ain't Misbehavin65.5067.5064.5065.83
Where The Southern Roses Grow68.0068.5064.5067.00
One For My Baby70.5073.5072.0072.00
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz68.5074.0070.0070.83
Georgia On My Mind67.0071.0070.5069.50
Sweet Georgia Brown67.5071.0066.5068.33
What'll I Do?67.0070.5064.0067.17
You Always Hurt The One You Love67.0062.5066.5065.33
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You64.5061.5063.0063.00
In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening64.5067.0064.0065.17
I Don't Know Enough/I Don't Know Why (Medley)62.0066.0063.5063.83
Darkness On The Delta63.5066.0067.0065.50
That's An Irish Lullaby62.5065.0066.0064.50
Blue Skies62.0066.0064.0064.00
Am I Wasting My Time On You?60.0065.0061.5062.17
Cruisin' Down The River58.0060.0055.5057.83
Ain't Misbehavin57.5060.0056.5058.00
Keep Your Sunny Side Up58.5063.0055.5059.00
My Wonderful One59.0060.5053.0057.50
Sentimental Journey60.0055.0061.5058.83
My Wild Irish Rose57.5054.0057.5056.33
Dear Hearts And Gentle People56.0057.5058.0057.17
Sweet And Lovely55.0057.5055.0055.83
Let The End Of The World Come Tomorrow64.0067.5071.5067.67
I Didn't Want To Fall65.5066.5069.0067.00
A Shine On Your Shoes63.5056.5064.5061.50
Five Foot Two61.0056.0060.0059.00
Is This Just Another Song About Love55.0054.5056.0055.17
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/How Could You Believe Me? (Medley)53.5056.5047.5052.50
I Didn't Want To Fall69.0074.0076.5073.17
Once Upon A Time60.5075.0074.0069.83
Sweet Georgia Brown70.5077.5075.0074.33
Sweet Lorraine69.0077.0074.0073.33

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bill Ornt - SLD
A - Steve Tremper - DIX
A - Marty Israel - MAD
A - Steve Armstrong - ONT
A - John Coffin - RMD
A - Steve Plumb - NED
A - David Mills - SUN
A - Tom McQueeney - NED

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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