1995 Far Western Prelims


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Beautiful Dreamer86.0086.6788.0086.89
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Medley)88.3388.3389.3388.67
You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May90.3391.3389.3390.33
Basin Street Blues94.0095.0092.6793.89
That Certain Party/Thats My Weakness (Medley)84.3384.3387.3385.33
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song86.6788.0085.6786.78
Oh, You Beautiful Doll88.0089.3390.0089.11
Banjo (Medley)88.0092.0086.6788.89
Down By The Old Mill Stream80.6782.3384.6782.56
I Love A Parade78.6782.0081.0080.56
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie82.0086.3384.3384.22
French (Medley)84.6790.6785.6787.00
When I Wore My Daddys Brown Derby83.0076.6775.6778.44
When Day Is Done86.3379.6780.3382.11
St. Louis Blues81.6783.0082.6782.44
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz84.0081.0080.6781.89
Captain Of The Toy Brigade79.0080.6780.0079.89
At The High Brow Baby's Ball76.3379.6779.6778.56
Coney Island (Medley)77.3381.0079.6779.33
My Daddy is Only a Picture78.6783.3381.0081.00
Till We Meet Again80.0072.3377.3376.56
If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina76.0074.3376.3375.56
Sweetest Song In The World80.6778.3380.0079.67
Goin' South80.0078.0080.3379.44
Rain (Medley)71.6776.6774.3374.22
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows73.6777.6776.6776.00
Just A Cottage Small By A Waterfall72.3379.0076.0075.78
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do71.6780.0075.6775.78
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen75.0072.6774.6774.11
Piano Roll Blues74.3373.6774.6774.22
Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time70.0075.3373.6773.00
Love/Eyes (Medley)77.0078.0078.0077.67
Sweet Georgia Brown74.6769.0074.6772.78
West Of The Great Divide74.3368.3375.6772.78
That's What I Call A Pal76.6774.0074.3375.00
In The Heart Of The City That Has No Heart73.6774.6774.3374.22
There Goes My Heart72.0067.0073.3370.78
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes72.0070.3372.0071.44
Sweet Adeline76.6773.3374.0074.67
When You're Smiling71.3372.6771.3371.78
Whatever Happened To The Old Songs65.6768.6771.0068.44
Let The Rest Of The World Go By73.6773.6772.0073.11
Mightnight Rose68.0066.6771.6768.78
Last Night On The Back Porch68.3369.0073.3370.22
Lullaby Of The South69.6768.0067.3368.33
I Wonder What's Become Of Sally71.3370.0067.0069.44
So Long, Mother66.0068.6769.0067.89
Gang That Sang 'Heart Of My Heart'67.0070.6768.6768.78
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner65.6764.0063.6764.44
5 foot 2 (Parody)63.0067.0058.6762.89
Mixed Up Song (Medley)71.3372.3358.3367.33
Mothers Boy66.6762.6763.6764.33
Hitchin' A Ride To My Hometown65.3364.0058.6762.67
Church Bells Are Ringing For Mary61.3362.6762.3362.11
I'm So Used To The Rain58.0064.0062.0061.33
Jazz Baby65.0060.6759.6761.78
Carolina's Calling61.3362.0060.3361.22
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?62.3359.0062.3361.22
If You Were The Only Girl In The World62.0059.0060.6760.56
When You're A Long, Long Way From Home59.3362.0054.3358.56
Bells Are Ringing For Me & My Gal63.0066.3356.6762.00
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi63.0060.0059.6760.89
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby58.0061.3357.0058.78
Sweet Adeline59.3358.6762.0060.00
There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder58.0059.3360.6759.33
I Didn't Want To Fall59.3356.3360.6758.78
Lora-Belle Lee57.0053.3358.0056.11
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye59.6754.6758.3357.56
Meet Me In Rosetime, Rosie57.0057.0057.6757.22
Quasi Moto Medle (Parody)56.0060.6753.6756.78
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me52.6757.0053.6754.44
There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder52.0057.3353.0054.11
Let The Rest Of The World Go By (Parody)56.6758.0052.3355.67
Smile (Medley)50.3357.3354.0053.89
Peggy 0'Neil/Peggy I'm In Love (Medley)47.0055.0052.3351.44
Tell Me You'll Forgive Me49.6752.0049.3350.33
There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder47.6755.0048.0050.22

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Smith - FWD
A - Ken Taylor - FWD
A - Brent Graham - EVG
A - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
A - Paul Engel - FWD
A - Larry Clemons - SWD
A - Lou Benedict - FWD
A - Marty Lovick - EVG
A - Chris Hebert - FWD
A - Dave Cheverton - FWD
A - Joel Mills - PIO

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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