1997 Evergreen Prelims


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Lida Rose74.5083.5081.5079.83
My Romance77.0084.5081.5081.00
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows78.5086.0080.5081.67
I Can't Give You Anything But Love82.5089.5082.0084.67
Roses Of Picardy74.0080.5082.0078.83
May I Never Love Again75.5084.5084.0081.33
Fit As A Fiddle70.5083.0080.0077.83
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody72.0084.0082.5079.50
Love's Old Sweet Song76.0077.5078.0077.17
I Got Rhythm74.0077.0077.5076.17
When Day Is Done74.0079.5079.0077.50
Fit As A Fiddle74.0081.0076.5077.17
Good Enough For Now75.5080.0078.5078.00
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Parody)73.0081.5076.5077.00
I'll Remember You73.0075.5072.5073.67
Lead Got Lost Medley (Parody)75.0079.0075.0076.33
Lordy, How I Love The South78.0077.5069.0074.83
It Must Be That Look In Her Eyes78.0078.5071.0075.83
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes74.0075.0071.0073.33
Liar Medley73.0078.5073.0074.83
Don't Cry Sonny Boy76.5071.0073.5073.67
Rowboat (Medley)74.5073.0073.5073.67
Who Do You Know In Heaven70.5072.0073.5072.00
I'll Forget You73.0073.5071.0072.50
You Are The One I Love68.5073.5072.0071.33
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land69.0072.0070.5070.50
Sweet Adeline64.5071.5072.0069.33
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye65.5070.0071.5069.00
The Boy I Used To Be64.5066.0073.5068.00
Barbershop Rag64.0067.0073.5068.17
Mary, You're A Little Bit Old Fashioned65.5070.5071.0069.00
I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover65.5071.0071.0069.17
How's Every Little Thing In Dixie62.5076.0061.5066.67
I'm Alone Because I Love You64.0079.0060.5067.83
Bright Was The Night (Parody)61.0075.0065.0067.00
Barbershop Strut59.0075.0061.5065.17
Back In Dad And Mother's Day60.5062.5067.5063.50
Gang That Sang 'Heart Of My Heart'59.0064.5063.0062.17
There's A Ring To The Name Of Rose59.5060.0061.5060.33
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone57.0055.5060.5057.67
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner58.5055.0062.5058.67
Bye Bye Blues53.0055.5062.5057.00
Yes Sir, That's My Baby49.0059.0062.0056.67
We Kinda Miss The Good Old Songs52.0060.5058.0056.83
I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World57.0056.5051.0054.83
Little Girl51.0057.5051.5053.33
Keep Your Sunny Side Up52.0054.0051.5052.50
Who Told You?55.5054.0052.5054.00

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Bob Swenson - CSD
A - Mike Lanctot - EVG
A - Jeff Taylor - ONT
A - Steve Jamison - SLD
A - Barry Clapper - LOL
A - Reid Stewart - EVG
A - Phil DeBar - FWD
A - Terry Aramian - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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