2004 Cardinal District


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There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner75.0070.0075.0073.33
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else75.5070.0075.0073.50
At The End Of The Day73.0067.0073.5071.17
Baby, Won't You Change Your Ways?73.5066.5073.5071.17
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair75.0074.0073.5074.17
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/You're Some (Medley)76.5074.0076.0075.50
I'd Fall In Love With Me70.0068.0073.0070.33
If You Love Me, Really Love Me66.5066.5070.0067.67
I Can't Give You Anything But Love68.0069.0072.0069.67
You Always Hurt The One You Love70.0068.0070.5069.50
Rain (Medley)70.5067.5069.0069.00
Firefly/Glow Worm (Medley)71.5064.5066.5067.50
Sweet And Lovely/You're The Girl I Love (Medley)71.5062.0066.0066.50
Ain't Misbehavin69.0066.5071.0068.83
Can't Take You Out Of My Heart69.5064.0070.0067.83
A Shine On Your Shoes66.0070.0071.0069.00
How Deep Is The Ocean65.5070.0070.0068.50
What'll I Do?65.0067.5069.5067.33
Because Of You63.5064.0067.0064.83
Back In The Old Routine63.0064.0054.5060.50
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner65.0068.5063.0065.50
You Make Me Feel So Young65.5066.5062.0064.67
Fit As A Fiddle67.0062.0063.0064.00
Lover, Come Back To Me66.5064.0064.0064.83
Roll Dem Bones65.0059.5061.0061.83
Blue, Turning Grey Over You59.5054.5059.0057.67
Over The Rainbow63.0062.5061.5062.33
Why Do I Love You?61.5060.0061.5061.00
I'm Beginning To See The Light59.0061.0060.5060.17
Pretty Baby63.5057.5061.5060.83
How Can I Miss You If You Wont Go Away65.5061.5062.5063.17
Who Told You?62.0059.5062.0061.17
I'm Off To See My Sweetness63.0060.5063.0062.17
Sam, The Old Accordion Man (Parody)60.0060.0058.5059.50
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Parody)59.5059.5058.0059.00
There Goes My Heart59.0059.5058.0058.83
Sweet And Lovely58.5059.5058.5058.83
Lulu's Back In Town59.0061.0054.0058.00
Darktown Strutters Ball59.5058.5056.0058.00
I Want A Girl54.5057.0059.0056.83
Smilin' Through53.5055.0058.0055.50
The Little Boy56.5054.5055.5055.50
Old Songs, The/Give Me A Barbershop Song (Medley)54.5056.0058.5056.33
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles53.0050.0054.5052.50
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen54.0053.0055.5054.17

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Jim Ramsey - JAD
A - Walt Leve - CAR
A - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
A - Toby Balsley - NED
A - Ev Nau - LOL
A - Wayne Wright - ILL
A - Dale Comer - CSD
A - Ron Rank - ILL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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