2003 Land O' Lakes District


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Jeepers Creepers/Them There Eyes (Medley)70.6772.6772.0071.78
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose73.0073.3373.6773.33
It's All Over Now/So Long Dearie (Medley)74.3375.3371.6773.78
Are You Lonesome Tonight?72.6774.3372.6773.22
Roses Of Picardy69.0071.6770.6770.44
Where The Southern Roses Grow71.0073.0072.6772.22
Strollin' Down Harmony Lane69.3372.3370.3370.67
Red Hot Momma Sweetest Girl In Town69.0070.6769.0069.56
Love/Eyes (Medley)68.0072.0068.6769.56
That's My Weakness Now71.6771.3371.3371.44
You Love Me All Of The Time70.0071.6770.0070.56
I Don't Know Enough About You (Medley)73.6767.3369.0070.00
Kiss Me One More Time (Medley)73.3369.3367.0069.89
Pal Of My Cradle Days73.3369.6770.0071.00
I Never Knew/You Were Meant For Me (Medley)72.3369.0069.0070.11
The Way You Look Tonight68.6769.6770.3369.56
It's Only A Paper Moon69.3372.0070.3370.56
But Not For Me65.6769.0068.6767.78
Takin' A Chance On Love67.3370.0066.6768.00
It's Only A Paper Moon67.0068.6769.6768.44
Lover, Come Back To Me67.6769.0069.0068.56
I'm Beginning To See The Light66.3370.3366.6767.78
Got My Thumb Out67.0071.6767.0068.56
I'm Beginning To See The Light65.3365.6770.0067.00
So Good To See You Now63.0066.0070.0066.33
Ain't Misbehavin68.3365.6770.3368.11
Don't Go Breakin My Heart67.3367.6771.0068.67
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad64.0069.6770.0067.89
What Kind Of Fool Am I?63.3370.0070.3367.89
We'll Sing All We Know Tonight64.0065.6766.6765.44
Love/Eyes (Medley)64.3366.0063.3364.56
That's An Irish Lullaby65.0063.3369.6766.00
Eyes (Medley)63.6764.6765.6764.67
Moonlight Becomes You67.0067.3369.3367.89
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes65.6767.0069.0067.22
Tea Leaves64.0063.3370.0065.78
Georgia On My Mind63.6764.0067.3365.00
Let The Rest Of The World Go By65.3366.3370.6767.44
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye64.3365.6768.6766.22
I'm Beginning To See The Light62.6767.0063.3364.33
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight63.3367.3362.3364.33
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner62.0061.6763.6762.44
I'm Beginning To See The Light62.6762.3364.6763.22
Let The Rest Of The World Go By63.6762.0064.0063.22
I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time60.6763.3362.6762.22
Nobodys Sweetheart62.3364.6762.6763.22
If You Were The Only Girl In The World62.0064.3360.3362.22
When It's Night Time In Dixie Land62.3364.0062.3362.89
Midnight Rose61.0065.0059.3361.78
Susies Fella60.6762.3363.0062.00
Tin Roof Blues60.6762.3361.6761.56
Walkin' My Baby Back Home59.0062.6764.3362.00
That's An Irish Lullaby57.3361.3358.3359.00
That's My Weakness Now (Parody)60.6765.0060.6762.11
Back In The Old Routine/What'll I Do? (Parody)57.0065.0052.0058.00
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano (Medley)62.0061.3355.3359.56
Old Saint Louie62.0061.3358.0060.44
Let The Rest Of The World Go By56.6757.0061.6758.44
Sugar Cane Jubilee56.6756.3359.0057.33
Bright Was The Night55.6758.3360.3358.11
I've Got Something To Write The Folks About Now53.6759.0057.3356.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Ken Taylor - FWD
A - Kent McClean - CSD
A - Ed Waesche - MAD
A - Jayson Ryner - CSD
A - Tom Gentry - JAD
A - Bill Cody - MAD
A - Reid Stewart - EVG
A - Tom Raffety - FWD
A - Bob McFadden - JAD
A - Bob Wachter - MAD
A - Tom Woodall - ILL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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