1998 Central States Prelims


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Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans72.0082.0081.5078.50
That's A Plenty76.5083.0083.5081.00
No One Knows82.5083.0082.0082.50
How I Love The South77.0083.0081.0080.33
Last Night Was The End Of The World75.5082.5077.5078.50
I Wonder What's Become Of Sweet Adeline79.5081.5077.5079.50
Barbershop Rag81.5078.5078.5079.50
I Called You My Sweetheart75.0081.0077.5077.83
I Found My Sweetheart, Sally74.0077.5078.0076.50
Beautiful Dreamer74.0080.5081.0078.50
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street74.0075.0074.5074.50
Darktown Strutters Ball75.5077.0077.0076.50
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses73.5077.5075.5075.50
One Step Dixieland77.5076.0076.5076.67
I'm Alone Because I Love You75.5076.5076.5076.17
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over72.0077.5076.5075.33
Oh Suzannah76.5074.0073.5074.67
The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)72.5072.5073.0072.67
Kiss Me One More Time72.0075.5077.0074.83
The Key To Success With The Beautiful Girls67.0074.0075.0072.00
I Miss Mother Most Of All69.5076.5074.5073.50
I've Got Something To Write The Folks About Now72.5077.0075.0074.83
Midnight Rose67.5069.5079.5072.17
Five Foot Two70.0071.5076.0072.50
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie66.5073.0071.5070.33
May I Never Love Again69.5073.5073.5072.17
Sweet Adeline66.0068.5073.5069.33
This Little Piggy67.0071.0075.5071.17
Blue, Turning Grey Over You69.0070.5071.5070.33
Forgive Me71.5072.0071.5071.67
I'll Sing A Song For Mary68.5070.5069.5069.50
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes64.0068.0069.5067.17
May I Never Love Again67.5070.0067.5068.33
Peach Way Down66.5067.5070.5068.17
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz65.5069.5070.0068.33
Jazz Came Up The River From New Orleans64.0067.0069.5066.83
Give Me A Basketball (Parody)69.5065.0066.5067.00
Ain't Misbehavin' (Parody)66.5065.5065.0065.67
Original Dixieland One-Step62.5072.5065.0066.67
Ain't Misbehavin61.5073.0065.5066.67
Sam, The Old Accordion Man66.5063.5070.0066.67
I'm The Last One Left On The Corner66.5060.5070.0065.67
I'm Gonna Live Until I Die40.5068.5061.0056.67
Jazz Band Ball52.5067.0058.5059.33
I'd Love To Live In Loveland56.5051.5057.5055.17
Oh Suzannah54.5052.0057.5054.67
Let Me Call You Sweetheart55.5053.0057.0055.17
New Ashmolian Band40.0048.0050.0046.00
How Ya Gonna Keep Em On The Farm48.0047.0049.5048.17
Old Spinning Wheel48.0047.0049.5048.17

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Ernie Nickoson - CAR
A - Jim Nolan - NED
A - Greg Lyne - ILL
A - Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
A - Dwain Brobst - SWD
A - Shannon Elswick - SUN
A - Jim DeBusman - LOL
A - Terry Aramian - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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