1998 Illinois District


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Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?74.0080.5075.5076.67
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone75.0081.0074.5076.83
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight76.5080.0077.0077.83
Up A Lazy River75.5083.5079.5079.50
Sing An Old Fashioned Song To A Young Lady74.0076.0074.0074.67
Pal Of My Cradle Days74.5079.0076.0076.50
No One Loves You Better Than Your M-A-Double-M-Y75.0075.0076.0075.33
I'll Forget You75.0079.5080.5078.33
Just A Cottage Small By A Waterfall69.0072.5071.0070.83
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie73.0073.5070.5072.33
There's A Tree In The Meadow67.0074.5071.5071.00
At The End Of A Cobblestone Road73.0073.0071.0072.33
Broken Hearted74.0069.5070.5071.33
My Honey's Lovin' Arms72.0071.0068.0070.33
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone72.0072.0070.0071.33
I Found A Million Dollar Baby70.5073.0068.5070.67
I Want A Girl69.5071.5068.0069.67
Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Quartet Of Mine69.0073.0069.5070.50
There Never Was A Gang Like That Old Gang Of Mine68.5069.5066.0068.00
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin Along71.0068.5068.0069.17
Ain't Misbehavin70.5071.0069.5070.33
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?72.0069.5067.5069.67
Like A Wink And A Smile69.5070.0068.0069.17
Red Red Robin (Parody)64.5073.0057.0064.83
Midnight Rose (Parody)64.0070.5061.0065.17
Oklahoma (Parody)67.5078.0062.5069.33
Has Anybody Seen My Gal (Parody)64.5075.0060.5066.67
Singing With My Dad57.5063.5057.5059.50
I Want A Girl57.0059.5056.5057.67
Back In Dad And Mother's Day61.0064.0063.0062.67
Moonlight Bay61.0064.5061.5062.33
Lulu's Back In Town61.0060.0059.0060.00
Beautiful Dreamer57.5059.5055.0057.33
Put Me To Sleep With An Old Fashioned Melody59.5055.5060.0058.33
I'll Be Seeing You52.5052.0049.5051.33
Each Time I Fall In Love68.5072.5069.0070.00
After You've Gone67.0069.0064.5066.83

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Dick Shaw - SUN
A - Harold Lathom - FWD
A - Ed Waesche - MAD
A - Mell Knight - LOL
A - Barry Clapper - LOL
A - David Krause - CSD
A - Larry Deters - DIX
A - Ray Rhymer - FWD

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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