2002 Illinois Prelims


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Broken Hearted84.0084.5081.0083.17
What Kind Of Fool Am I?86.5084.5083.0084.67
That's Life85.5084.0083.5084.33
If You Love Me83.5082.5082.5082.83
Once Upon A Time (Parody)79.0082.0076.5079.17
Always (Parody)78.5079.0076.5078.00
By The Sea (Medley)78.0081.0078.0079.00
How Deep Is The Ocean (Parody)79.0082.5078.5080.00
I'll Forget You79.5078.0077.5078.33
Cuddle Up A Little Closer79.0075.5076.5077.00
Banjo (Medley)79.0076.5080.0078.50
Undecided (Medley)77.5075.0079.0077.17
You Made Me Love You73.5075.5072.0073.67
I Didn't Want To Fall72.5074.5071.0072.67
You Only Want Me When You're Lonesome74.0074.5075.5074.67
Down Yonder73.0073.5074.5073.67
If You Were The Only Girl In The World69.5073.0068.5070.33
I Love A Piano71.5073.5067.5070.83
Birth Of The Blues73.5077.0070.0073.50
Stars Fell On Alabama73.0078.0068.5073.17
If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts68.5073.5071.0071.00
Nobody Knows You Medley69.5073.5071.5071.50
Lonesome - That's All72.5075.5070.0072.67
Beginning To See The Light/Bye-Bye Blues (Medley)73.0074.0071.0072.67
Takin' A Chance On Love74.0071.0072.0072.33
Sweet, Sweet Roses Of Morn71.5070.5070.5070.83
Song For Mary72.0073.0073.0072.67
For Me And My Gal71.0071.0073.0071.67
Ballin' The Jack67.5070.5071.0069.67
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia68.0070.5071.0069.83
Sweet Lorraine67.5072.0072.5070.67
Stars Fell On Alabama71.0073.5072.0072.17
Beautiful Dreamer68.5073.5073.0071.67
Hello My Baby68.0070.5072.5070.33
Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia67.0070.5075.0070.83
My Gal Sal66.0069.0071.5068.83
May I Never Love Again63.5066.5068.0066.00
My Father, My Friend, My Dad64.5065.5065.5065.17
Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mama Can Do62.5064.5068.5065.17
Smilin' Through62.0066.0068.5065.50
Georgia On My Mind61.0065.5063.5063.33
Chase The Rain Away60.5064.5062.5062.50
Moonlight Brings Memories Of You62.5065.5056.5061.50
I'm Beginning To See The Light62.5067.0057.5062.33
Love Me, And The World Is Mine68.0069.5072.5070.00
I Didn't Want To Fall68.0068.0072.5069.50
Girl Of My Dreams61.0063.0063.5062.50
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses58.5062.5062.5061.17
Let The End Of The World Come Tomorrow61.0065.5062.0062.83
Don't Blame Me58.5062.5061.0060.67
Old Saint Louie58.5064.0058.5060.33
Dream A Little Dream Of Me60.0067.0057.0061.33
Let The End Of The World Come Tomorrow62.0060.5062.0061.50
Last Night Was The End Of The World59.0059.0060.5059.50
Don't Blame Me53.5059.5062.5058.50
Sweet Georgia Brown56.0061.5061.0059.50
How Can I Miss You If You Wont Go Away57.0056.5062.0058.50
I Never See Maggie Alone58.5056.5060.5058.50
Somebody's Coming To My House56.5058.5057.5057.50
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby56.0059.0057.0057.33
Let The Rest Of The World Go By55.5056.5055.0055.67
I Want A Girl55.5055.0054.0054.83
Little Boy Of Mine57.0055.5055.5056.00
How I Love You53.5053.5055.0054.00
Bring Back Those Good Old Songs53.5056.5054.5054.83
Sweet And Lovely53.5056.0055.0054.83
Whatever Happened To The Old Songs50.0053.5049.5051.00
Hello My Baby51.0052.0049.0050.67
Moonlight Bay46.0054.0053.0051.00
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye42.5052.0051.0048.50

Panel: Administrator(s)
A - Chuck Harner - MAD
A - Dick Shaw - SUN
A - David Wright - CSD
A - Jay Giallombardo - ILL
A - Bob Walker - INT
A - Joe Hunter Jr - MAD
A - Bill Duncan - ONT
A - Pete Hansen - ILL

A = All Rounds     F = Final Round     S = Semi-Final Round     Q = Quarter-Final Round



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