2004 Northeastern Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Nice Work If You Can Get It78.3380.3378.3379.00
There Used To Be A Ballpark Right Here76.0079.3377.3377.56
You Tell Me Your Dream74.6774.0073.3374.00
Love Is Just Around The Corner75.6774.6773.0074.44
There Goes My Heart73.0074.6774.6774.11
Back In The Old Routine74.0074.6773.3374.00
Once Upon A Time66.6771.0069.0068.89
Ain't Misbehavin65.3368.0067.0066.78
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans67.0068.6769.3368.33
Basin Street Blues63.3367.6767.6766.22
Beautiful Dreamer66.0068.0066.3366.78
Give My Regards To Broadway65.6767.0066.0066.22
When Day Is Done63.6767.0067.0065.89
You Make Me Feel So Young65.3367.3365.6766.11
Smilin' Through64.3367.6767.0066.33
Got My Thumb Out/King Of The Road (Medley)63.6765.6764.3364.56
That Old Quartet Of Mine64.6763.6765.3364.56
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style63.6763.0065.0063.89
Mary, You're A Little Bit Old Fashioned59.0067.3364.6763.67
Sweet Georgia Brown58.3364.6762.3361.78
Let's Get Away From It All60.6762.6764.6762.67
My Wonderful One58.0063.0064.6761.89
Dancing The Old Fashioned Way62.6762.6761.3362.22
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz60.0060.6761.3360.67
Moonlight Becomes You62.6760.3362.6761.89
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad61.0058.6759.3359.67
On A Wonderful Day Like Today57.3358.3362.6759.44
Give Me A Barbershop Song57.3360.6763.3360.44
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad57.6767.0058.6761.11
When Theres Love At Home55.0064.0056.6758.56
Pretty Baby57.3359.3361.0059.22
Carolina In The Morning57.3358.6759.3358.44
I'm Alone Because I Love You57.3358.6757.6757.89
For Me And My Gal57.6759.3360.6759.22
Dream A Little Dream Of Me56.0062.6759.0059.22
Get Out And Get Under The Moon54.3359.3358.6757.44
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style57.6757.3360.0058.33
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style58.0058.3359.3358.56
If I Had The Heart Of A Clown57.6756.3358.6757.56
For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne57.0054.3357.3356.22
If All My Dreams Were Made Of Gold56.6753.3355.6755.22
Fortune In Dreams52.6753.6753.0053.11

Panel: Administrator(s)
Doug Arrington - RMD
John Santora - ONT
Greg Lyne - ILL
Roger Payne - MAD
Tom Gentry - JAD
David McEachern - ONT
David Krause - CSD
Mike O'Donnell - PIO
Dale Comer - CSD
Ken Fisher - ONT
Rik Johnson - CSD


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