2015 Evergreen Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Tomorrow Is Promised To No One85.3383.0083.6784.00
You're My Everything81.3381.3382.0081.56
South Rampart Street Parade84.3383.0082.3383.22
Love Me, And The World Is Mine82.6780.6781.0081.44
Old Saint Louie76.6776.0078.3377.00
Give Me The Simple Life76.0074.3378.0076.11
All The Way79.0076.0075.0076.67
After You've Gone76.6774.0074.0074.89
You Are The One I Love73.6774.3373.0073.67
I'm Taking My Time With Tammy75.0075.3374.0074.78
A Son Of The Sea Am I70.6769.0071.6770.44
Rain (Medley)68.0072.0070.6770.22
Over The Rainbow73.6767.6767.0069.44
Back In The Saddle Again70.3369.0066.0068.44
All I Do Is Dream Of You68.6770.6767.6769.00
My Foolish Heart66.6769.0066.0067.22
You've Got A Friend In Me66.6766.3368.6767.22
As Long As I'm Singin'68.3367.6767.3367.78
If I Had You68.3366.0065.6766.67
Tin Roof Blues66.0065.3364.6765.33
What Kind Of Fool Am I?65.0063.3364.3364.22
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair65.0063.6765.6764.78
My Honey's Lovin' Arms63.0064.0064.6763.89
Goodnight, My Someone64.0065.3362.6764.00
Goodbye Broadway, Hello France66.0066.0063.3365.11
White Cliffs Of Dover64.0063.0061.3362.78

Panel: Administrator(s)
Jim Haggerty - FWD
Ken Galloway, Jr - EVG
Anthony Bartholomew - SWD
Jeremiah Pope - EVG
Scott Kitzmiller - CAR
Gary Plaag - MAD
Gene Spilker - CSD
Martin Fredstrom - EVG
Chris Richards - RMD
Eddie Martinez - SWD
Mark Stock - MAD


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