2014 International International


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
You'll Never Know Just How Much I Miss You95.8097.0095.8096.20
When Johnny Comes Marching Home96.8098.8096.4097.33
My Romance94.2094.4095.2094.60
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano95.6096.4095.0095.67
This Heart Of Mine93.4095.0093.6094.00
Winter Wonderland95.2096.4093.6095.07
Pirates (Medley)91.6093.8091.2092.20
My Jolly Sailor Bold/Til I Hear You Sing (Medley)93.0094.6092.6093.40
She's Got A Way92.6091.8091.6092.00
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me/Viva Las Vegas (Medley)93.8094.2090.4092.80
Man In The Mirror91.0094.2089.8091.67
What Kind Of Fool Am I?88.4090.6089.4089.47
Luck, Be A Lady Tonight87.6090.8088.2088.87
Join The Circus (Medley)86.8089.4086.0087.40
To Be Loved87.6086.0087.2086.93
When Autumn Comes87.4087.4087.6087.47
For Once In My Life85.4086.0086.6086.00
Make Them Hear You82.8086.8084.6084.73
This Joint Is Jumpin'83.8088.2084.4085.47
Maybe This Time85.8085.4084.8085.33
This Joint Is Jumpin'84.8085.2084.6084.87
I Never Knew/Get Me To The Church On Time (Medley)84.4084.8083.6084.27
Ol' Man River83.8085.4084.4084.53
All Aboard For Dixieland83.6084.8083.8084.07
L-O-V-E/Love And Marriage (Medley)83.8084.0083.2083.67
I Am What I Am/My Way (Medley)84.2084.6083.6084.13
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing83.8084.2084.4084.13
Too Darn Hot (From Kiss Me Kate)78.6087.0084.0083.20
All The Way84.8083.2083.8083.93
My Romance83.4082.2083.8083.13
Eight Days A Week83.8082.0083.2083.00
You And I83.6082.6083.8083.33
Little Bit 'O Heaven (Sure They Called It Ireland)83.6083.4082.0083.00
Irish Montage (Medley)83.4084.6082.0083.33
Bright Was The Night83.6082.8082.4082.93
Sweet Georgia Brown82.6085.2081.4083.07
My Diane82.6081.8083.6082.67
Can't Buy Me Love82.6083.6083.2083.13
James Bond (Medley)81.0085.4081.6082.67
From Russia With Love82.4081.8082.8082.33
Salem Orchestra (Medley) One83.6085.4081.2083.40
Salem Orchestra (Medley) Two77.4085.8080.4081.20
If I Only Had A Brain82.2083.2081.6082.33
Over The Rainbow81.6083.2081.6082.13
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows80.4082.0081.0081.13
Fishing (Medley)81.2083.4081.2081.93
Basin Street Blues80.4078.8078.8079.33
Cross That Mason Dixon Line82.2080.2079.2080.53
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?79.2080.4079.6079.73
Oh, Lonesome Me79.2080.6079.4079.73
There's A Fine, Fine Line78.0078.4078.2078.20
Movin' Right Along/Ease On Down The Road (Medley)76.8078.6076.8077.40
Lovesick Blues77.2077.2077.4077.27
So Wrong77.0076.2077.4076.87
Singin' In The Rain76.0077.8074.2076.00
Yesterday I Heard The Rain75.0076.4073.0074.80
Way You Look Tonight75.6076.0075.2075.60

Panel: Administrator(s)
Al Fisk - PIO
Jayson Ryner - CSD
Paul Wigley - LOL
Phil Ordaz - FWD
Tony Sparks - RMD
David Leeder - DIX
Ev Nau - LOL
Gary Wulf - JAD
George Gipp - ILL
John Coffin - RMD
Brian Barford - JAD
David Mills - SUN
Jimmy Barr - PIO
Mark Stock - MAD
Richard Lewellen - MAD


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