2011 Pioneer Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Where The Southern Roses Grow76.0072.0074.0074.00
That's Life75.0072.5072.0073.17
My Gal Sal74.0070.5071.0071.83
Who's Sorry Now?72.0070.5071.0071.17
Sunshine Of Your Smile68.0066.5067.5067.33
Georgia On My Mind67.0068.0067.0067.33
I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair66.5067.5064.0066.00
I Didn't Want To Fall62.0066.0063.0063.67
I'll Forget You64.0063.0066.5064.50
You Make Me Feel So Young60.5063.5063.0062.33
From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye63.0064.5059.5062.33
A Wink And A Smile62.0065.5058.5062.00
The Girl That I Marry61.0060.5062.5061.33
I Want A Girl62.0063.0062.5062.50
I Didn't Want To Fall59.5058.5057.5058.50
What'll I Do?59.5057.0060.0058.83
Kentucky Babe57.5061.5058.5059.17
Hello My Baby56.0059.5056.5057.33
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning54.5056.0046.5052.33
Sweet Georgia Brown51.5051.0050.0050.83
How Deep Is The Ocean50.0050.0049.5049.83

Panel: Administrator(s)
Bob Thomas - EVG
Jack Edgerton - LOL
Jay Krumbholz - ILL
Justin Miller - ONT
Ev Nau - LOL
Robert Strong - ONT
Ed Fritzen Jr - PIO
Tim Brooks - DIX


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