2010 Northeastern Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody (Medley)75.3376.0076.3375.89
Girls Medley (Parody)75.0076.3374.6775.33
How Deep Is The Ocean75.6774.6777.0075.78
If I Ruled The World73.0073.0073.6773.22
Start Of Something Big70.6774.0071.0071.89
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie71.6772.0071.0071.56
Come And Love Me73.0071.6771.3372.00
On The Sunny Side Of The Street70.6769.0072.0070.56
Broadway Rose71.3370.3372.3371.33
Kiss Me One More Time69.0069.0070.0069.33
Hard Hearted Hannah69.0072.6770.3370.67
Beautiful Lady In Blue68.3370.0069.0069.11
Darkness On The Delta68.3370.0068.6769.00
Over The Rainbow67.3365.6769.0067.33
Takin' A Chance On Love66.6765.6769.0067.11
Georgia On My Mind66.3364.6765.0065.33
Sweet Georgia Brown65.0065.0062.3364.11
Get Out And Get Under The Moon65.3363.0064.3364.22
Oh, How We Roared In The Twenties63.6763.3364.3363.78
Tin Roof Blues65.6762.6763.3363.89
There's A Brand New Gang On The Corner64.3362.0064.3363.56
I'm Off To See My Sweetness63.6760.3364.0062.67
Dancing Cheek to Cheek62.3362.3363.0062.56
I Don't Mind Being All Alone61.0060.6760.3360.67
Five Foot Two60.0062.6758.6760.44
It's A Good Day59.3360.0062.0060.44
There Goes My Heart58.0059.0060.3359.11
Love Me, And The World Is Mine59.6757.6761.0059.44
A Son Of The Sea Am I58.6756.6757.6757.67
If There'd Never Been An Ireland57.3357.6759.6758.22
I Want A Girl57.3356.6758.6757.56
New York Ain't New York Anymore56.6758.0057.3357.33
Moonlight Becomes You56.3356.0058.3356.89
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad47.6754.3348.3350.11

Panel: Administrator(s)
Cotton Damon - NED
Woody Woods - RMD
Al Fisk - PIO
Jayson Ryner - CSD
Rick Spencer - LOL
Brian Zink - JAD
David Leeder - DIX
Wayne Wright - ILL
Chad Wulf - JAD
Harry Haflett - NED
Jim DeBusman - LOL


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