2010 Evergreen Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Are You Lonesome Tonight?84.3384.0084.0084.11
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, And You're Mine83.0084.6782.0083.22
Cheer Up, Charlie82.3381.6780.0081.33
Pick Yourself Up81.3382.6780.0081.33
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring79.6782.0078.6780.11
Lover, Come Back To Me78.0074.6774.6775.78
Meet Me In Rosetime, Rosie75.3372.6772.6773.56
Wonderful Day (Medley)72.6769.0070.3370.67
Blue Skies68.6769.3369.6769.22
We Love The Pirate Life69.3374.0066.6770.00
A Son Of The Sea Am I68.0071.3368.0069.11
You May Be My Used To Be But You're No Good To Me67.0070.0066.6767.89
There Goes My Heart68.6769.3368.6768.89
Stranger On The Shore66.3369.6768.0068.00
At The Codfish Ball65.6772.0065.3367.67
I'll Be Seeing You63.3364.6763.6763.89
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz64.3362.6761.0062.67
That's Life64.3363.0060.0062.44
Let The Rest Of The World Go By60.6764.0061.3362.00
Old Saint Louie60.0064.6760.3361.67
Sweet Georgia Brown61.3362.6762.0062.00
There Goes My Heart60.3362.3360.3361.00
Whiffenpoof Song (Parody)57.3367.3355.3360.00
I Told Them All About You/You You You/Only You (Parody)57.3370.3357.6761.78
Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet54.3361.0056.0057.11
Got My Thumb Out54.3362.3355.6757.44
I'll Be Seeing You55.0060.3352.6756.00
Everything Old Is New Again51.0061.0054.6755.56
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad54.6756.0054.3355.00
It's A Good Day55.0056.0052.6754.56

Panel: Administrator(s)
Chuck Leavitt - FWD
Don Fuson - CSD
Nick Papageorge - FWD
Paul Wigley - LOL
Rob Mance - NED
Dwain Brobst - SWD
Gary Steinkamp - FWD
Roger Mills - FWD
Dave Tautkus - FWD
Russ Young - FWD
Warren hettinga - FWD


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