1998 Seneca Land Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
More To Be Pitied Than Censured (Parody)73.5079.0073.0075.17
Pretty Baby75.5079.0070.5075.00
I'm Afraid The Masqueiade Is Over75.5077.5074.0075.67
Powder Your Face With Sunshine74.0077.0072.5074.50
When You And I Were Young, Maggie77.0075.0072.5074.83
Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Quartet Of Mine74.0074.0070.0072.67
Back Home Again In Indiana73.5067.0068.5069.67
Keep Your Eye On The Girlie You Love73.0067.5068.0069.50
If You Knew Susie/Sweet Sue (Medley)65.5063.5064.0064.33
For Me And My Gal64.0065.0062.0063.67
Down Where The Swanee River Flows64.5062.5064.0063.67
Darktown Strutters Ball66.0062.5062.0063.50
My Wonderful One62.0062.0065.0063.00
Grandma's Boy60.0064.0060.5061.50
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi64.5061.5064.0063.33
If You Knew Susie60.0062.0061.5061.17
When You And I Were Young, Maggie63.5064.5060.5062.83
What A Wonderful Pal You Are61.5062.5058.5060.83
My Wild Irish Rose59.5055.0061.0058.50
So Long, Mother58.5058.5059.0058.67
Then I Can Smile Again59.5059.0054.5057.67
I Want A Girl58.0056.5054.5056.33
Church Bells Are Ringing For Mary56.0046.5051.5051.33
There's A Ring To The Name Of Rose58.0053.0050.0053.67
Baby Face58.0049.5052.0053.17
Girl Of My Dreams54.0048.5049.5050.67
When Day Is Done55.0046.5053.0051.50
Who's Sorry Now?55.0047.0049.5050.50
Girl Of My Dreams50.5044.5044.0046.33
When I Leave The World Behind50.5046.0046.0047.50
If You Knew Susie47.0041.0042.0043.33
Sweet And Lovely45.5042.0045.0044.17
Story Of The Rose43.0040.0045.0042.67
Easter Parade42.0041.5044.5042.67
Somewhere Over The Rainbow36.0040.0044.5040.17
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano40.5042.5049.0044.00
Alexander's Ragtime Band48.0039.5040.0042.50
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz46.5039.0038.5041.33
I'm Alone Because I Love You45.0041.0040.0042.00

Panel: Administrator(s)
Curt Roberts - NED
John Brueckman - SUN
Danny Driscoll - SWD
Paul Wigley - LOL
Jim Bagby - CSD
Steve Janes - NED
Phil DeBar - FWD
Russ Adkisson - FWD


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