2000 Northeastern Fall


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
What'll I Do?76.0076.6777.0076.56
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (Medley)76.3377.0076.0076.44
The Little Boy71.6772.6779.0074.44
Beginning To See The Light/Bye-Bye Blues (Medley)72.3374.0079.3375.22
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street65.6772.3370.3369.44
Are You Lonesome Tonight?63.3370.3368.3367.33
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song66.0069.3370.0068.44
The Moment I Saw Your Eyes63.0070.3369.6767.67
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning59.0064.3366.6763.33
Runnin Wild61.6768.0064.3364.67
Love Me, And The World Is Mine64.3365.0065.0064.78
I'm Beginning To See The Light60.0064.0064.3362.78
Back In The Old Routine63.6765.0065.3364.67
Lulu's Back In Town58.0062.3365.0061.78
Tin Roof Blues59.3365.3360.6761.78
Waiting For The Robert E. Lee58.6764.6760.0061.11
I Love To Hear That Old Barbershop Style58.3359.3362.3360.00
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart54.6765.0062.3360.67
Somebody Stole My Gal (Medley)57.6758.0060.3358.67
Georgia On My Mind59.3360.3360.6760.11
I'll Be Seeing You55.6760.3361.0059.00
Let The Rest Of The World Go By59.0060.3359.3359.56
Beer Barrel Polka/Hoop De Doo (Medley)56.6763.6757.6759.33
Only A Rose56.6761.3356.0058.00
I Never Knew/You Were Meant For Me (Medley)57.6761.0058.3359.00
Being With You54.3360.3360.3358.33
Down South55.0058.3359.0057.44
If I Give My Heart To You55.3358.6762.0058.67
I'm Knee Deep In Daisies53.0055.0057.6755.22
My Old Kentucky Home57.3354.0058.0056.44
I'll Be A Song And Dance Man Again56.0054.0056.6755.56
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose51.3356.0055.6754.33
Darkness On The Delta54.0054.6758.0055.56
It Had To Be You52.0055.0056.3354.44
You Made Me Love You53.0052.3356.0053.78
Give My Regards To Broadway52.6753.6756.3354.22
Let's Get Away From It All48.6749.0053.6750.44
Let The Rest Of The World Go By51.0050.3350.6750.67

Panel: Administrator(s)
Bill Hafley - DIX
David Bowen - LOL
Don Gray - JAD
Jeff Taylor - ONT
Kevin Keller - CSD
Bob Squires - ILL
Connie Keil - MAD
Joe Hunter Jr - MAD
Allen Gasper - RMD
Dave LaBar - SUN
Tom Woodall - ILL


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