2005 International International


RankChorus / Song%MUS%PRS%SNG%TotalOn Stg
Time After Time94.6093.6092.6093.60
Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On93.4096.2091.0093.53
Right From The Start She Had My Heart91.2095.0091.0092.40
All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me92.0093.8089.8091.87
If I Loved You91.8090.0090.0090.60
Strike Up The band92.0091.0090.0091.00
Young And Foolish91.2090.0087.8089.67
When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam89.6089.6086.6088.60
South Rampart Street Parade89.6092.0086.2089.27
Halls Of Ivy/Graduation Day (Medley)87.6087.0086.2086.93
Ya Gotta Be A Football Hero (Parody)89.6090.6085.8088.67
If I Loved You86.2086.6087.4086.73
I Love A Parade/76 Trombones (Medley)85.6088.4086.6086.87
Darkness On The Delta85.6087.0086.2086.27
Blues In The Night86.8088.2084.4086.47
Fair (Medley)85.8089.4084.4086.53
Too Long At The Fair86.0088.4084.0086.13
What Kind Of Fool Am I?85.2084.8085.0085.00
Make 'Em Laugh87.4089.6083.2086.73
Yes Sir, That's My Baby85.6086.6085.4085.87
Love Me, And The World Is Mine85.2083.8084.0084.33
My Honey's Lovin' Arms83.0084.4082.4083.27
Swedish Cowboy (Medley)84.6085.8080.8083.73
Sweet Georgia Brown (Parody)85.0084.8079.4083.07
Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again83.4083.0084.0083.47
Look Me Up When Youre In Dixie83.0083.6082.6083.07
You Make Me Feel So Young82.8082.2081.6082.20
What'll I Do?82.0081.8081.4081.73
If I Only Had A Brain81.2083.4081.2081.93
Bye Bye Blackbird81.8082.4079.2081.13
Give My Regards To Broadway80.8080.8081.6081.07
Side By Side80.0081.2079.6080.27
Because Of You79.8078.4080.6079.60
I'm Going Back To Kentucky78.6077.0078.0077.87
It's You78.4078.2080.2078.93
They'll Have To Pass The Apples Again (Medley)76.8078.2078.4077.80
When You Were Sweet Sixteen78.0076.4076.6077.00
I Never See Maggie Alone (Parody)77.0077.4073.4075.93
If I Give My Heart To You76.4076.2076.8076.47
South Rampart Street Parade75.0076.2073.4074.87
Till Tomorrow Comes76.6074.4075.0075.33
Listen To That Dixie Band73.6073.2072.0072.93
Fortune In Dreams73.4075.6072.8073.93
If You Had All The World And Its Gold71.0073.6071.0071.87

Panel: Administrator(s)
Bob Thomas - EVG
Charlie Hill Jr. - SWD
Doug Arrington - RMD
Jayson Ryner - CSD
Kirk Young - LOL
Nick Papageorge - FWD
Rob Campbell - FWD
Steve Delehanty - MAD
Ev Nau - LOL
Jim Coates - JAD
Larry Clemons - SWD
Marty Lovick - EVG
Richard Treptow - LOL
Bill Rashleigh - LOL
Chuck Lower - MAD
Ed Williamson - SUN
Rik Johnson - CSD
Russ Young - FWD


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